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Algebra University College Zagreb

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ALGEBRA – the best Croatian professional

higher education institution

Founded in 1998, Algebra University College is the flagship of the largest private educational organization in Croatia. Throughout the years of dedicated work and research, Algebra recieved numerous accreditation and among other projects proudly became an Authorized Educational Center (ATC) for Microsoft Technology in 2001.

96% post graduation employment rate within 3 months


For the past 22 years Algebra has developed 12 study programs/specializations:

The program study period of undergraduate professional study program (Bachelor) is equivalent to full-time three-year studies which amounts to 180 ECTS. The program starts in October.

The program study period of specialist graduate study program (Master) is equivalent to full-time two-year studies which amounts to 120 ECTS. The program starts in October or March, depending on the program.

Create digital future with Algebra



With the main goal to participate in shaping our digital future, Alegbra’s team is developing its study programs for its students to become competitive participants on the global market. Not relying only on modern and technologically advanced curriculum, Algebra is devoted to connecting with various partners from business and academic community throughout different projects:

Economic Council

Council consists of a number of reputable individuals from the industry, public institutions, local authorities, academic communities and professional associations. Its work is based on discussing current market trends, policies, strategies etc.

Career Center

Center for every student or alumni connecting the University college, students and their future employers. Career Center has an advisory role for all areas of the student’s needs: learning aids and support, expert psychological assistance, supplementary and additional teaching, planning and realization of professional practices, career counseling and counseling on further academic development, employment assistance and the development of additional skills.

Algebra LAB

Open innovation lab with a tendency for networking and offering attractive educational modules and incubation programs for entrepreneurs and start-up projects, research & development opportunities for investors, as well as for the private and public sector. Listed by the European Commission as a fully operational Digital Innovation Hub on their Smart Specialisation Platform in 2018.

Partnering with numerous IT initiatives

such as Microsoft Imagine Academy, IBM Academic Initiative, SAP University Alliances etc.


Even though Croatia is widely know for its beautiful coastline consisting of more than a 1000 islands and being the perfect holiday destination, its capital city Zagreb is working on its potential to become a center of innovations, culture and education in this part of Europe.

Being the newest member of European Union, Croatia is introducing numerous improvements in its economy and infrastructure to become more competitive with the older member of the EU.

Considering the fact that Croatia still is not a part of Eurozone, for its citizens means lower cost of living compared to the countries of Western and Central Europe.


What is more, according to the 2019 Global Peace Index, Croatia ranks as the 28th safest country to live in.


All this combined makes Croatia an excellent place to consider starting/continuing your higher education and pursue your career goals.


In the process of becoming Algebra’s student and when starting their education on their institution, Student Office will provide the student all the necessary support providing information on administrative study requirements and other student commitments, issues certificates of student status, transcripts, monitors tuition fee payments, and more.

INFOEDUKAdigital student administration system available 24/7; access to student’s personal information regarding exams, class schedule, grades etc.

SPORT & LEISURE – organizing sport games, skiing and active excursions with a goal of common interaction while improving their physical condition. A sound mind in a sound body!


Zagreb & Island of Krk, Croatia

Besides the referred programs, Algebra is also offering an excellent opportunity to spend your summer in Croatia while shaping our digital future.


Offered courses:

  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Branding
  • Digital Sculpting Fundamentals
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Data Driven Storytelling


Earn 6 ECTS/3 US CREDITS per course, gain valuable knowledge and sharpen new skills!


Algebra International School Team is beyond motivated to offer expert content in projects all year round.

International Winter School is an opportunity to participate in a 3 or 4 week program with an aim to discover new global technological and business trends in order to become a future active participant on the global market.


Offered courses:

  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing


Earn 7.5 or 10 ECTS and discover winter wonderland in Croatia!


Start creating your digital future today!