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Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Rijeka

Study in Croatia

Dental Medicine in English

at Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Rijeka.


Rijeka is the administrative and cultural centre of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County and the third largest city in Croatia.

Dental Medicine in English is a six year integrated undergraduate and graduate university studies program, which leads to the academic title of Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Why study in Rijeka?

Rijeka is the principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia (after Zagreb and Split). It is located on Kvarner Bay – the metropolitan area, which includes adjacent towns and municipalities, has a population of more than 240,000.

It has been selected as the European Capital of Culture 2020, which led to improvements in its infrastructure and services, and an increasing number of cultural events. Regardless of the season, there are always events in the Rijeka’s calendar: concerts, theater shows, gallery exhibitions.

Rijeka hosts the University of Rijeka, founded in 1973 but with roots dating back to 1632 School of Theology.

Dental Medicine in English at Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Rijeka

Dental Medicine in English is a six year integrated undergraduate and graduate university studies program, which leads to the academic title of Doctor of Dental Medicine. Dental Medicine at the University of Rijeka is active for 45 years, and since then, its faculty invested their time into the high quality of the study program and dental profession. The curricula of Dental medicine in Croatian and in English program are identical and both accredited by the European Union.

There is a total of 1232 graduate students of Dental Medicine in the Croatian language since 1973.

There are only 12 students in the English language university program, which means professors will be able to provide students individual support during their classes. The study program is created for students to gain knowledge, skills, and competencies for their future professional careers. Students are vital to the development of this program. Many of the students stay in touch with their professors after graduation, and some of them become a part of scientific and professional faculty.

Students will have the opportunity to experience clinical part of the study in the Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka, a building complex of 33 clinics and clinical departments with 1069 beds and a staff of 3252 doctors and nurses, complemented by Health Center Rijeka, state and private institutions.

Student activities and organizations

Students at the University of Rijeka can participate in various activities and become members of student associations. There is a Croatian Association of Dental Medicine Students (CroADS), supported by the teaching staff of Dental medicine. Through this association, students acquire help to organize, plan, and run student projects.

Student projects are divided into two groups. The first group are projects aimed to improve students’ research and scientific abilities. Their work is presented at the congresses or published in the specialized student journal Fissura. The second group of projects are carried outside the institution, with the main goal to improve oral health in the schools and amongst the population.

The University of Rijeka is organizing International Dental student congress (RiCon). The second edition of RiCon had an international audience, hosting over 150 students from all across Europe. As we mentioned before, there is an annual student journal Fissura, founded in 2015. Fissura published more than 60 articles from their starting year. The authors are mainly students mentored by the teachers of the Faculty of Dental Medicine. The topics include all the areas of dental medicine, with the addition of some interesting extracurricular student activities.

Besides CroADS, students may apply for the sport teams and therefore participate in popular student games called Humanijada – this competition involves all the biomedical faculties in Croatia. Finally, all the students are welcome to participate in the student choir.


The admission procedure for all prospective applicants comprises:

1) Evaluation of the secondary school grades (overall average over the continuum of all 4 years of the secondary school education comprising all the grades and the final exam, together with the specific evaluation of grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

2) Exam in Manual dexterity test will be held online: August 8th 2020

Requirements for the entrance exam

3) Candidates who have completed a pre-medical college or passed internationally recognized exams (MCAT-with minimal score 9 for each section), or earned a BA/Bsc degree in natural sciences with good credits in Biology, Physics, Chemistry may be exempted from the entrance exam.

4) Applicants who have taken SAT Subject Tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, with the minimal score 600 in each subject, may also be exempted from the entrance exam.

Applications should be sent by August 20th , 2020.